Trinidadian-born and Montreal-based Emerging Singer-Songwriter and Rapper, Trinisha Browne Readies The Release of Upcoming Album, “Rhythm & Love”

BAD TING was written by Trinisha Browne and Jovian and produced by Grandmaster Clady. “Bad Ting, is a love song that delves into the allure and magnetism of a captivating woman. The term “bad ting” is often used colloquially to describe someone who is undeniably attractive and exudes confidence. That is how the song made me feel,” mentions Trinisha.


By Ra-Fael Blanco

3/11/20241 min read

“Bad Ting” is the first single to be released from Trinisha Browne’s upcoming album, “Rhythm & Love.” The 10-song project will be globally released on March 22nd, via the Frostbyte Media/SRG-ILS Group label imprint. In the coming weeks, music lovers will be introduced to several new songs from the project, prior to its release. On March 15th, fans can expect the single, “Rich Life” to be available on Archodia Music, followed by “Itchy Palms” (Bee Boy$oul Remix), will simultaneously release on March 22nd.


UB40 “Through the catchy melody and infectious rhythm, Trinisha captures the essence of being drawn to someone who possesses an undeniable appeal, making “Bad Ting” a celebration of feminine allure and empowerment”, shares video director, Artlife Legacy.

The Trinidadian-born and Montreal-based singer, rapper, and songwriter grew up in a household of Reggae, Gospel, Hip-Hop, and 90s R&B—all of which influenced and still flavor her recordings today, just like her experience growing up singing in the church choir. Her love for music, visual art, and poetry led Browne to explore various artistic opportunities in the city she adopted 20 years ago.

That city, she says, has inspired her writing since her recording debut in 2016. Trinisha Browne released 5 EP’s independently between 2016 and 2021, while Montreal’s vibrant cultural nightlife has been a high source of inspiration. She names the Kalmunity open mic events as an incubator. Her writing has also been inspired by the people she met: ex-girlfriends, friends and ex-friends. Another aspect of Montreal that inspired this Caribbean expat is… winter!

Listen to Trinisha Browne's new single "Bad Ting" below.

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