Thandii Set's New Album "Dream With You" Release Date. Shares Brand New Single

Thandii announce a new album, Dream With You, set to drop on September 2nd via their own label, HaloHalo. In conjunction with this news, the duo have also hinted at even more music coming just around the corner, but in the meantime the album's title track Dream With You is out now.


6/25/20242 min read

Renowned for their unique fusion of psychedelic soul, pop, and trip-hop, Thandii (Jessica Berry and Graham Godfrey) first made waves with their debut album A Beat To Make It Better in 2023. Their innovative sound has garnered critical acclaim, bolstered by collaborations with esteemed artists such as Michael Kiwanuka, Inflo, SAULT, Joy Crookes, Jordan Rakei, and Little Simz. Their music is celebrated for its exploration of profound emotional landscapes weaved through soulful and pulsing beats.

Dream With You marks Thandii's third single of 2024, delivering a joyful reminder to stay positive, curious, and connected to one's inner child. “Along the way in life we can lose the power in hoping and wishing, and the sparkle of your imagination can tarnish with time. The song asks what you dream about, whether you still believe in those dreams, and whether you could dream even further.”

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The album was recorded in their home studio in Margate, a space that fosters a holistic and free-flowing creative process. This nurturing environment has enabled Berry and Godfrey to blend their individual strengths faithfully, and with the patience and care required to craft something meaningful and timeless.

Dream With You is a playful album, with a serious undertone. The duo has in recent times found themselves reflecting on the world and their place within it as Artists; “It’s not easy to make a living, nor does Art always feel like the most relevant thing when compared to current events; the constant temptation to escape that reality is very strong. During the process we re-aligned our drive, focus, and dedicated ourselves to the work. Through that commitment, we discovered profound meaning and clarity through song.”

The album muses on relationships—romantic, platonic, and familial—community, politics and boundaries. Are You Gonna Find It delves into themes of self-worth, self-love, and healing, whilst I’ll Be There explores companionship and togetherness. “The album is a pledge to ourselves to continue expressing our feelings.”

Thandii describe their sound with the Philippine word 'Halo-Halo', meaning 'Mix-Mix'. “It is a genre collage” they explain, much like the Philippine Ice Cream of the same name; where sweet potato lives side-by-side with beans and evaporated milk. “It sounds like it wouldn’t work… but trust us, it does” and this challenging aspect to flavour combination is echoed in Thandii’s style.

This variety permeates the album, inviting listeners into a world where diverse elements come together to create something truly unique. Thandii are only just getting started, suggesting that this is the beginning of a particularly prolific era for them.


  1. It Only Take 2

  2. Dream With You

  3. Call It What You Like

  4. Workin’

  5. Are You Gonna Find It

  6. I’ll Be There

  7. Believe In Your Reasons

  8. Sinus Node

  9. Nothing Like This

  10. Sunlight

Listen to Dream With You below.

Photos curtesy of Lalah Hathaway