Sonya Glass Journeys Through Growing Pains With Emotionally Charged Single, "Lonely Girl"

Sonya Glass, born and raised in Maryland, is currently based in Jackson, Mississippi. She has been pursuing her craft since the tender age of five, honing her raw vocals. Her songwriting skills are essential to her work, and she relies on personal experience to connect with her audience.


By Emily Keefe

3/20/20241 min read

Blossoming pop artist Sonya Glass has unveiled her latest single, “Lonely Girl.” This poignant song features haunting minor chords and Glass's unique and captivating voice, offering listeners a deeply emotional exploration of the challenges and heartaches that accompany the journey of growing up.

"Lonely Girl" is a soul-stirring experience that delves into the complexities of coming of age. Glass's voice, adorned with a youthfully captivating timbre, ingeniously juxtaposes against the mature themes woven into the fabric of "Lonely Girl." The lyrics, delicately and poetically crafted, navigate the turbulent waters of becoming an adult, tackling themes of isolation and the profound loneliness that often shadows the path toward self-discovery.


“I think as we age, life gets increasingly bigger. While that growth is often beautiful, it also comes with its share of complications and learning curves,” says Glass. “In my experience, I have also had to learn about letting go and realizing what is actually within my control and what falls outside of my control. I can choose how I behave or react, but I cannot make that choice for others or for the world. This song is my exploration of what it has looked like for me to slowly grow up.”

“Lonely Girl" was written by Sonya Elisabeth Glaessner and Shell Enns, produced, mixed, and mastered by Shell Enns, and recorded by Shell Enns and Garrison Cooley at Crown Studios Jackson, MS.

Listen to Sonya Glass's new single "Lonely Girl" below.

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