Shania Twain Goes Behind-The-Scenes of "Man! I Feel Like A Women!" with Vevo

Shania Twain revisites "Man! I Feel Like A Women!" in celebration of the 25th anniversary. The country music icon shares exclusive details into the empowering song and music video on Vevo Footnotes.


By Archodia

4/2/20241 min read

Country music trailblazer and icon Shania Twain takes viewers behind the scenes of the official music video for “Man! I Feel Like A Woman!” in the latest installment of Vevo Footnotes, in celebration of the song's 25th anniversary.


In the video, Shania delves into the song and video's influence, highlighting its transformation into an unexpected anthem that empowered women and shattered barriers in both country music and pop culture. She discusses the intentional decisions on fashion made for the music video, aimed at defying the expectations set for female musicians of that era. She talks about how her creative team was inspired by the iconic styling in Robert Plant’s “Addicted To Love” music video and aimed to take it to another level by reversing the gender roles and creating something unexpected with the high women’s coat and top hat with the veil.

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Throughout the episode, Shania reveals how the music and video extended beyond the confines of country music and allowed her to reach new audiences. She also describes how Mutt Lange’s memorable guitar riff inspired her famous lyrics centered on "liberation, independence, and the human spirit." Finally, she shares that she faced significant pushback on the creative side about wardrobe and concerns about being “too sexy” for her audience. However, in the end, the song became relatable to everyone, and she expresses her love for performing it today, as much as she did when it was first released.

Listen to the 1999 released single and the Vevo Footnotes video below.