Sarah Bernstein Debuts New Era With “Loser Of The Year”

Through the intricate process of writing, performing, and recording the song, Bernstein found confidence, a sentiment that permeates the very fabric of the single. “Loser of the Year” is not merely a song; it is an invitation for listeners to vicariously experience and embrace the artist’s self-assured spirit.


By Emily Keefe

3/2/20242 min read

Sarah Bernstein has risen to new heights with single “Loser of the Year.” A departure from previous works, Bernstein meticulously crafted a composition that authentically captures the essence of early 2000s angsty pop-rock, drawing inspiration from iconic influences such as Fall Out Boy and the Freaky Friday (2003) soundtrack.

“Loser of the Year” underwent a transformative evolution. “As a songwriter, the song is meaningful to me in a whole different way. I haven’t shared this yet, but it’s actually adapted from a song I wrote at 17,” says Bernstein. “I came across it in the archives of an old laptop last summer and shared it with my boyfriend Allan. Shockingly, it didn’t make either of us cringe. Instead there was actually something really special about it that I noticed my songs didn’t have anymore. I’m happy to have that back.”


“Loser of the Year” was written by Sarah Bernstein and produced by Bernstein and her mentor Shane Adams. It was engineered and mixed by Kenny Varga, and recorded in Nasvhille at Coop DeVille Studio featuring drums by Wes Little, bass by Luis Espaillat, guitar by Justin Ostrander, and piano by Shane Adams. Mastering by Alex Dobbert at True East Mastering.

This release marks a defining moment in Sarah Bernstein’s career, showcasing not only musical prowess but a deep-seated connection with their own narrative, and a commitment to inspiring confidence in others.

A German-American Singer/Songwriter, after recording her EP Man in the Moon in Germany at 17 and publishing her music across streaming platforms, Sarah Bernstein’s original song ‘Boomerang’ went on to be a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. After initially attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, she transferred to Fordham University where she found home in New York City. Her self-produced EP Spellbound is an ode to her time here, now approaching a decade.

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During the pandemic Sarah’s focus shifted from the stage back to songwriting and the studio. After returning to Berklee through their online certificate program, she was introduced to her mentor and producer Shane. In November 2020 she traveled to Nashville for the first time. Her song ‘Till 3am’ was the first of five singles recorded there as she evolved her sound over the next three years. In July 2022, her single ‘Maxine’ debuted on German radio as part of Bayern 3’s Newcomer contest. In 2023, Bernstein was thrilled to return to the stage and performed six solo shows beginning at The Mint in Los Angeles. She also crossed several iconic New York City venues off her bucket list, making her debut at Rockwood Music Hall and the legendary Bitter End (…twice) later that year.

Listen to Sarah Bernstein's new single "Loser Of The Year" below.