Kartell's Forthcoming Debut Album "Everything Is Here" Set For May 31st Release Date

French electronic producer Kartell's forthcoming debut album "Everything Is Here" featuring guest collaborations with Tkay Maizda, Barney Bones, Poté and Kurtis Wells amongst others will be released via Roche Musique.


By Archodia

4/2/20241 min read

Since first breaking through in 2012, French producer and DJ Kartell has built a reputation for creating distinctive electronic music, dripping in warmth, soul and melancholia. On the forthcoming album "Everything is Here", he charts an expansive new sound which takes in everything from post rock, rnb to electronic music.


Born in Tours, in the Loire Valley, Kartell first fell in love with music through his dad’s extensive soul, disco and early house collection which was constantly on rotation in the family home. It’s a formative experience that’s never left him and has permeated his musical excursions since. In his early teens he began experimenting with an old computer and Reason software in his childhood bedroom, spending hours honing his production techniques before moving to Paris in his early 20s after connecting with fellow DJ and producer Cézaire.

Kartell’s talent for low BPM, groove infused, productions, caught widespread attention and fitted in perfectly with a resurgent house and disco scene. Soon he was holding down a residency at Paris’ esteemed Social Club and beginning to get booked globally as a DJ everywhere from California to South Korea.

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In 2021, Kartell released the Daybreak EP, exhibiting a more expansive and spacious sound and featuring collaborations with SG Lewis, Qendresa and Che Lingo. Describing the EP as the ‘foundation’ for his new sound and era, Kartell threw himself into producing his first full-length album with a new found energy and focus.

Kartell recently released "Quest" feat. Poté, the first single from the debut album. "Everything is Here" will be released and available on Archodia Music May 31st.

Listen to "Quest" below.