Cass Clayton Band Readies A Soulful Journey With Upcoming Album, "Midnight In A Bottle"

With a blend of energetic rhythms and poignant narratives, Midnight in a Bottle offers listeners a dynamic musical experience.


5/6/20242 min read

The Cass Clayton Band is set to release their latest 11 track soul and funk-infused album, "Midnight in a Bottle" on Friday, May 17th. The forthcoming album will mark the band’s 4th studio album release and includes single “Rear View Mirror”, released earlier this year.

The album captivates with deep, rich vocals from Clayton, and a kaleidoscope of live instruments that infuse each track with a distinctive flavor. A vibrant tapestry of musical styles, the album is woven together by Clayton’s masterful storytelling. With lyrics at the forefront, Clayton's 11 tales flirt with diverse genres while remaining bound by a common thread: her unwavering commitment to narrative.


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“All of our albums have been lyric-centric, and Midnight in a Bottle is even more so, because the genre of each song is led by the type of story we're telling,” says Clayton. “Taylor Scott and I are both sensitive to what the song needs to be — whether it's funky, moody, rock n roll or more indie. I love that fluidity and the freedom to let the song decide what it wants to be when it grows up.”

Midnight in a Bottle was produced, arranged, and mixed by Taylor Scott, engineered and mixed by Geoff Gray and Alex Stricker at Far & Away Studios, mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering, and features Taylor Scott on guitars, Jon Wirtz on keys, Jiho Han on bass, and Eric Imbrosiciano on drums, along with many special guest artists including backing vocals on “Slow Fade” by Lyle Divinsky (The Motet).

Cass was recently voted Favorite Female Vocalist of 2024 (Colorado Blues Society Members’ Choice Awards). The band has won 6 songwriting awards, garnering top reviews from magazines nationally and internationally. Their PLAY NICE album ranked #1 on the National R&B Radio Chart (Roots Music Report) for 11 weeks, as well as #1 R&B Album in Colorado. Cass has been featured on the cover of Recording Magazine, along with feature articles in Guitar Girl Magazine and American Songwriter.

With a blend of energetic rhythms and poignant narratives, Midnight in a Bottle offers listeners a dynamic musical experience and will be available on Friday, May 17th on Archodia Music.

Listen to Rear View Mirror below!

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